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"A Pro-Nature Organization"

What we do

We Plant Trees

We are fairly optimistic about the future as far as planting more trees is concerned. There has been an increased awareness about our environment after experiencing the ill effects of global warming, increasing pollution and vagaries of our weather. We at Wish-A-Tree have faith in our society - particularly the children - in changing our perception and understanding our responsibility towards Nature.

Our Mission

Through plantation drives we wish to bring about positive social changes wherein we live in perfect harmony with nature.

Our Vision

Not only to protect the environment of the region but also to encourage propagating endangered species of our biodiversity.

The mere thought of planting a sapling brings smile on the face and happiness in the heart. Enjoy this simple act and experience immense pleasure, inner peace and a sense of being connected to the nature.

Stand tall….Bend to plant a sapling

Benefits of Tree