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"A Pro-Nature Organization"

Terms & Conditions

1) Contribution towards sapling is a noble and selfless deed. It would in no way construe as ownership of the tree or the land that it is planted upon.

2) All care shall be taken for the purpose of proper growth of the tree. However, if for any reason whatsoever if the growth of the tree is not as per expectation or the tree dies, Wish-A-Tree or its team shall in no way held liable or responsible for it.

3) Sapling/s shall be planted only upon receipt of full payment.

4) Although all the efforts shall be made to plant the sapling on your requested date, due to various reasons and factors it may be delayed. However, we shall issue the certificate of the date requested.

5) Wish-A-Tree encourage you to come and plant the sapling on your own. However, such request shall be made sufficiently in advance.

6) The tree planted by us would mostly be of resilient species that can withstand heat, disease and water scarcity.

7) The decision of planting tree of which specie lies entirely with Wish-A-Tree and its team.