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"A Pro-Nature Organization"

Get Involved

Tree Planter: To achieve our target of bringing in “TREEVOLUTION” we will need people to plant trees mostly on weekends. And believe us no experience is necessary.

Drive leaders: If you have a “Green Heart” along with leadership qualities, this role is for you. With a little training you are ready to lead the pack.

Locate a Plot: Help us in locating an open plot (around Mumbai) or private plot (preferably with owner details). After studying the soil and availability of water, trees will be planted accordingly.

Share a Name: If contributing towards a “Greener” cause is part of your company CSR objective, do get in touch with us. It will enable us to speed up the target of cooling our Earth by a couple of degrees.

Young Warriors: Kids understandably love trees more. They know the true value of “Green Earth” and they are the True Ambassadors of our “Mother Earth” We would like these Ambassadors to be part of our Plantation Drive.

Writer / Bloggers: Mail us your short essay / comments on our threatened environment. If we like it we shall put it on our blog (of course with your name)

To join us as a volunteer please mail your details to info@wishatree.org

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