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"A Pro-Nature Organization"

About Us

Mother Earth....

.....have we ever wondered what this beautiful Earth has provided us with? Well, to begin with, she provides us with food, she provides us with shelter, she gives us rivers, lakes, oceans, she gives us hills and mountains, rain and snow, she always holds us in awe with her thunder and lightning.

She also gives us Trees! Trees that give shade to birds, animals and humans alike. Trees that give us fruits. Trees that give us precious oxygen. Oxygen that keeps us rejuvenated, energized and alive. Unlike us humans, Mother Nature has never thought about "what's in it for me"! Unlike us, Mother Earth has never thought about "profit and loss"! It's now time to ask a simple question.

What have we given back?

Now, here’s a simple perspective explained in a language that we would easily understand. In a day, an individual breathes in approx. 3 cylinders of Oxygen. Cost of each cylinder of oxygen is Rs.900/- . That means, in a day each individual breathes in Rs.2,700/- worth of Oxygen. Your yearly bill would amount to Rs.9,85,500. Assuming that the average lifespan of an individual is 65 years, the cost will turn out to be almost Rs. 6.40 Crores!! Mind you, inflation is not factored in.

Trees, like us, are also the children of Mother Earth. They give us this precious, life sustaining, oxygen absolutely free. And what are we doing to our selfless siblings? Killing them….cutting them in the name of “Development”?

We have plundered, polluted and damaged the Earth enough! It’s time to give a whole new meaning to the phrase "matru devo bhava"
IT’S TIME TO GIVE BACK! If we want the coming generations to live…we will have to keep the Trees alive!


Our Team

Samir Shah
Businessman (Pharmaceuticals)
Creator of this project. Ardent environmentalist. Always working to balance relations between humans and the ecosystem.

Falguni Shah
Microbiologist by education, Financial advisor by profession. Happy-go-lucky by nature. One who sets our policies and systems. Good at managing people. Lady with the Midas touch.

Karan Shroff
Pharma MBA, Tough nut to crack. One who knows his onions. Every empty plot of land is a potential plantation site for him.

Upansu Shah
Pursuing Actuarial Science. Youngest of the lot but good leadership qualities. Foodie. Amazing enthusiasm to convince and educate people to love and care for the trees