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"A Pro-Nature Organization"

Welcome to Wish A Tree

Mother Earth....

.....have we ever wondered what this beautiful Earth has provided us with? Well, to begin with, she provides us with food, she provides us with shelter, she gives us rivers, lakes, oceans, she gives us hills and mountains, rain and snow, she always holds us in awe with her thunder and lightning.

She also gives us Trees! Trees that give shade to birds, animals and humans alike. Trees that give us fruits. Trees that give us precious oxygen. Oxygen that keeps us rejuvenated, energized and alive. Unlike us humans, Mother Nature has never thought about "what's in it for me"! Unlike us, Mother Earth has never thought about "profit and loss"! It's now time to ask a simple question.




Dinesh Deshpande

I always wanted to do something special for my parents. Than I came across Wish-A-Tree. I immediately fell in love with the concept. I have already decided, on my parents 50th Anniversary I will gift 50 trees to my parents.


Fantastic concept. I always wanted to contribute for the environment. Wish-A-Tree has given me a platform. God bless you and all the best.

Kashmira Shah

It is indeed a unique idea. Imagine on birth of a child you also plant a tree. Child as a parental responsibility and tree a social responsibility. It would be a awesome feeling to see the tree grow up along with the child.

Dilip D'Souza

I spend hundreds of rupees on my friends birthday. If for e.g. I have 50 friends and I gift one tree to each, I will be planting 50 trees a year! If each of us fulfills their social responsibility wouldn't it be amazing?

Syed Abbas

Nature has given us enough proofs by way of climate change and global warming. Wish-A-Tree has taken up a very difficult task of doing something which looks increasingly irreversible. Hats off to you guys!

Dr. Preksha & Dr. Jenil Panthaki

"Wish A Tree" provided us a kind of escape from our busy city life. Involving ourselves in plantation was a satisfying experience. It was truly gratifying to give back mother nature in a small way. We thank Samir & Falu for providing us an opportunity to be with mother nature. Thank you for your warm hospitality too.